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I'm here to assist you in your home-buying and selling needs, with a focus on providing you personalized service and the benefit of my local expertise in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Contact me today!


4 bed/2 bath | Living Space: 2381 sq.ft

Sold Price: $4,200,000

Represented: Buyer

2 bed/2 bath | Living Space: 1605 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,750,000

Represented: Buyer

5 bed/3.5 bath | Living Space: 3215 sq.ft

Sold Price: $2,318,000

Represented: Seller

1 bed/1 bath | Living Space: 830 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,230,000

Represented: Buyer

3 bed/3 bath | Living Space: 1553 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,865,000

Represented: Buyer

3 bed/2 bath | Living Space: 1343 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,850,000

Represented: Buyer

3 bed/2.5 bath | Living Space: 2710 sq.ft

Sold Price: $2,280,000

Represented: Buyer

5 bed/4 bath | Living Space: 2276 sq.ft

Sold Price: $2,500,000

Represented: Seller

4 bed/3.5 bath | Living Space: 1904 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,755,000

Represented: Buyer

2 bed/1 bath | Living Space: 1204 sq.ft

Sold Price: $1,430,000

Represented: Buyer


Please contact me for a free property valuation and consultation.


"  Jacky is the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and resourceful realtor that I know of. Before, during, and after buying our second residence, Jacky answered my questions on all possible topics that even included structural engineering and short-term rentals. He went above and beyond to find me resources and was extremely responsive. I needed more of a partner than agent; Jacky was clearly an outstanding partner to work with. I still turn to him for advice every now and then, and highly recommend him to all my friends and coworkers."

"  We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have Jacky as our buyer agent in such a competitive market as single family home in San Francisco. We were definitely impressed by his brilliant track of records as both high productivity real estate agent and high-end home renovation developer. When we started our forever house search, Jacky came up to the top of our minds since he knew all the ins-and-outs on both sides with solid developer background. The best thing working with Jacky is that he provided not only the top notch buyer agent service but also the insightful investment strategies as well. We couldn’t thank enough to Jacky for his top notch work ethics and skills in both buying and selling side. We would highly recommend Jacky as your go-to agent in a highly competitive real estate market such as Bay Area."

" I have had the good fortune of working with Jacky several times over the years (both buying and selling), and I know I can rely on him to stay on top of every detail. Besides his professionalism, responsiveness, and great communication skills, what really stood out to me was his extensive knowledge of the San Francisco market and expertise in home remodeling & renovation. I HIGHLY recommend Jacky. If you are looking for someone to work with in San Francisco, there couldn't be a better choice. "

John H.

Benjamin R.

Rick L.

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